29 Jul 2012



Here are some tips you may find useful.

Scratch the voucher carefully and sometimes students tend to scratch the code itself.
After using the voucher code, keep the voucher with you. It is needed at a later stage.

Fill the form quickly as the session time outs very fast.

Keep details handy, like your 10,12th and graduation percentage of marks.

Work Ex that you have to mention is till August 31, 2011

Remember your secret question. It is required if you end up forgetting your password.

Confirm that you receive the two emails after your registration is over and take a print out of ONLY the admit card.

While choosing your center, talk to people in the city whom you may know or search on Google maps to ascertain where your center is located. Some cities have multiple centers, do some research and find the most convenient one.

Which date to book?
Serial CAT crackers can do as they like but there is something that first timers and non nerds can do. Choose a date that is – NOT a holiday, weekend, evening slot is in the latter half of the exam window.

Reason – Holiday, weekend, evening slot – work ex guys give there exam mostly on these days. Since they are serial CAT givers its best to thwart off competition.

Latter Half – Teachers, Coaching etc give early so that they can spoon feed you, hence avoid them as well.

Also, since pattern has again changed this year, it will give you a headway going forward.

CAT people are not fools and they use normalization for getting an even score. But still, even if this helps you 0.001%, why not go ahead with it.

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