30 Aug 2012

15-20% of questions in any CAT paper comprise of Arithmetic in QA

CAT 2012 aspirants must note that 15-20% of questions in any CAT paper comprise of Arithmetic in QA.

Major topics that you need to cover are Set Theory (especially Venn diagrams) and problems on Time, Speed and Distance, both of which are always asked. Both of these topics are covered as part of the school syllabus, but may need some brushing up on. Sometimes, questions on topics such as Linear Programming are also asked.

Miscellaneous problems are rarely asked, and even when they do appear in a CATpaper they do not number more than one or two. They are purely tests of mathematical aptitude, and you cannot learn how to solve them. The advice, for dealing with these problems, is to try back-substitution of answer choices, or to avoid these problems altogether.

Some Useful tips for Quant Preparation can be:

Practice the new online format adequately

Identify sitters in the exam first

Avoid making random guesses

Put maximum emphasis on accuracy 

The age-old saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is still applicable here. Working hard on one’s fundamentals and focusing on one’s accuracy will only go to increase your chances of belling the revamped CAT 2012. Good luck!

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