7 Aug 2012

SNAP Discrepancies !

Over and Over again this debate has come up, that there are discrepancies in SNAP regarding scores, results and admissions. This year has been no different, SIU(Symbiosis International University) has often been termed as a Money Making University with almost 50% persons from the backdoor entry or rather lets say it the Management quota, which anyone of us can avail for double the fees provided you have that extra buck to burn your pocket for an institute which lacks ethics and standards.

This time it can be proved because this time they have given the mark sheets to the students and there seems to be no reason for people getting a difference of 10-15 marks in quant or the logical reasoning section which have a definite answer. Even English cannot be ignored for that purpose but lets face it, times like these have come and gone few days from now it will again be a history. Next year you won't see lesser number of people giving SNAP just because of this controversy.
Its the burgouise attitude that all of us possess and compromise on issues which we shouldn't.

There has been an online petition filed
But such petition have no effect one such was logged against IIFT in 2005!
My advice to people giving SNAP would be that unless you score double the cutoff marks you can never be sure of you making into an SIU reputed college.And its not that everyone has got a difference in their marks but its a majority of people who have difference in their calculated scores.

While the marks itself are controversial, the calls are even more :
SCMHRD has given call even at 62 marks, while on their site they have mentioned the cutoff as 81.25 marks.
The cut offs for SIBM were 76.5 overall:
But  MBA at this point of time would not ensure you a better future atleast from SIU and the point strengthening my view SCM Directors this message to the call letters.Dear XXXX
    At the outset, please accept my congratulations for being selected
    for the GD/PI process for the MBA-Batch 2009-11. I am pleased to know
    that you have made it & you have worked hard for it. You deserve it.
    Having said that, please think about your decision to do MBA for 2
    years since it costs time & money. This is especially so for working
    professionals as most of you feel now that post MBA you will be in a
    different league. This always does not happen. It depends on your
    ability & market opportunities which jointly play a significant role.
    Also it is quite possible that you might have done well in other
    exams & hence may look at this as a backup option for various
    reasons. I sincerely appeal to all such candidates to try and avoid
    it since it puts deserving candidates into inconvenience & confusion.
    It only increases the administrative work of the institute.
    In spite of all the above, it will be a pleasure to meet you during
    the GD/PI process. Congratulations once again.
    (Director, SCMHRD)

This clearly depicts the placement situation in the college, this is a warning sign of things to come.

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