30 Aug 2012

tips for QA Preparation

CAT 2012 seems to be approaching faster than the speed of time and Quantitative Ability (QA) section of CAT gives the impression to be the favorite of the exam setters. It seems as if over 50 per cent of paper setting efforts is devoted to Quant sections.

Perhaps, that is the reason why solving techniques and the ultimate solutions to this logical, tricky and seemingly lengthy form of aptitude problems have been consistently changing. Hence, it's a must for us to identify and strengthen the strategies in the quantitative that can help us maximize our score in this section as much as possible.

Please stick to the following in particular for QA:

Practice the new online format adequately
Identify sitters in the exam first
Avoid making random guesses
Put maximum emphasis on accuracy 

Practice will make you perfect. Working hard on one’s fundamentals and focusing on one’s accuracy will only go to increase your chances of belling the revamped CAT 2012 and achieve success !

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