30 Aug 2012

Tips for RC

Four-step method that should be of use to students and aspirants preparing for Reading Comprehension section of CAT 2012

This four-step process should help you grasp the gist of any article or passage as the weeks go by.

Step 1:
Read the editorial of any newspaper once, preferably a well known English paper and one business daily.

Step 2:
Write down a two to three line summary of what you have understood from the first reading.

Step 3:
Reread the editorial again. This time, check the key points you may have missed and make a note of them.

Step 4:
Underline all words in the article/editorial that are not familiar and jot down the meanings of these words with the help of a dictionary.

The above mentioned simple four-step method looks easy to implement, but requires continuous effort for two to three months before you see an improvement in your reading comprehension.

Practice and perseverance are mantras for the above steps to score in RC.

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