17 Nov 2012

A survey revealed management students employability below 10%

A survey revealed management students employability below 10%

According to recent survey findings the employability of management students remains below 10% for any functional role in fields such as HR, Marketing or Finance.

As per the National Employability Report prepared by Aspiring Minds, employability of management graduates is at the lowest level especially in the field of business consulting followed by analyst and functional roles.

Aspiring Minds COO and CTO Varun Aggarwal said, "there is an urgent need to audit whether we are training industry-ready individuals."
During the survey the company asked questions to 32,000 students from more than 220MBA schools. However the B-Schools pay special attention towards building capacity in management education but the same can't be practiced for building employability of the candidates.

Aggarwal added, "The low employability figures show that management students and colleges need personalised employability feedback and guidance to take the right corrective steps." Management institutes in the country have grown with rapid speed from just 200 managements institutes in nineties to more nearly 3500 college presently.

This analysis also revealed another important fact that employability of males and females is similar across all sectors except HR where females are more preferred by recruiters.

Employability of MBA graduates is just minimal somewhere to just as low as 2.52% in business consulting, whereas it is just 7.98% for analyst role. The report also revealed employability of some preferred streams such as corporate sales with just 10.56%, consumer sales with just double number of 21.72%. However, the employability for customer services roles is 16.01%

Some other fields such as marketing, BFSI and HR also recorded lowest employability with 6.99%, 7.69% and 9.63% respectively. The report said that in last decade the MBA-finance students employable in BFSI sector created a very large number of jobs.

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