28 Dec 2012


The decision making questions in the Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT) are the most difficult to solve. In fact any one can choose one questions that comes closest to your sensibility but choosing the right one answer from the multiple choice that you receive for the 25-30 questions in total require not alone some common sense but an overall ability, a good knowledge base and other experiences which MBAupdates would like to give you in the form of 3 tips deciphered from research of the sample XAT papers of the previous years. The XAT 2012 paper pattern showed nearly 25 questions in this section, lesser than the year 2011. MBAupdates expects 25 or more this year of XAT 2013 based on past years XAT papers. The expected cut of is anticipated to be 7-7.5 if the number of questions this year are increased for this section. Read on to how to prepare yourself with these amazing tips that will help you fight the dear of decision making questions in XAT 2013
Familiarity with Similar Problems
The familiarities with problems like the ones that are going to be asked in the exam are very essential. This familiarity can be increased by nothing but severe and hard reading on the questions and answers or solutions. Dig out all the possible decision making questions and solutions from old sample XAT papers and past year XAT papers. Even more important that merely reading the problems, the adequate deconstruction of the same with questions like why and results of a particular chosen answer by you will be the best way to figure out the correct answer. You need to get into the habit of structuring and deconstructing the decision making question from solve the available answers.
Reading blogs and articles related to solving
There are various detailed articles and blogs related problem solving. Read decision making materials from business websites and other management school theory material available for free. The knowledge given there is exactly what will answer your question. This should be done because the material available in detail will open up keys to problem solving at a higher levels than desired by you to solve the question in the XAT papers. You will be prepared and familiarity with solving the toughest of the decision making questions posed in the XAT. After this exercise you should re-solve and the sample XAT papers and past year XAT papers.
Asking essential questions to the question itself
There are a set of questions that should significant answer the questions of business strategy, ethics, morals, business strategy, customer’s needs, the benefits, the cons, the timeframe to achieve results, the value added by the chosen answer, and the complexity and the consequences of the answer chosen. Make sure to keep the legal, regulatory, social, economic and political set up of the chosen country concerned.

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