18 Jul 2014

7 deadly sins of GD/PI

By Sukrut
GD and PI are an essential part of clearing an MBA entrance test. Here are 7 deadly sins you should avoid at all costs to sail through.

Watch out if you are doing this unconsciously and if you are doing it, make corrections.

Trying to be someone else :Be as natural as possible. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Be yourself. Don’t try to fake it. Interviewer can sense it very easily.If you are not comfortable saying something then don’t say it.If you want to know what happened with me when I tried to be someone else—read it here
Start speaking before understanding the topic : Take time to organize your thoughts. Think of waht you are going to say.
Don’t start speaking until you have clearly understood and analyzed the subject. I know of someone who started discussion just 30 seconds after , when that case study was 2 page long.
Opening the discussion is not the only way of gaining attention and recognition. If you don’t give valuable insights during the discussion, all your efforts of initiating the discussion will be in vain.
Lose control when someone objects or disagrees with you : There are many people I know (including me) who lose their cool when someone says something against their view. Don’t loose cool if anyone says anything you object to.The key is to stay objective : Don’t take the discussion personally.
Being too aggressive to prove your point : Being aggressive in GD is like walking to the coffin of rejection. Always be polite and try to avoid extreme phrases like “I strongly object” or “ I disagree“. Instead try phrases like :
“I would like to share my views on ” or “one difference between your point and mine” or ” I beg to differ with you“.
Being Assertive is the key. There is a marginal difference between being aggressive and being assertive. You would be better off if you find out the difference.
Speaking too much and not allowing other to speak : This can be considered as a sign of insecurity and weakness. When someone is speaking way too much, what he/she is trying to do is trying to win approval of professors because he/she thinks he/she has to talk continuously because he/she has no value to add or he/she thinks of him/herself superior.
Asking for permission to speak : This is a big NO-NO. When you want to make some point, don’t say ” Please, let me make my point.” If your fellows are shouting (which is most obvious as they haven’t read this article ) raise your voice a little bit and say something like ” Though X has valid point, I would like to add Y” and state your point. You can also add if you have exactly opposite view by saying ” Although you have X view, I beg to differ on this” and make your point.
Prepare by just reading : Some people just read how to prepare for GD and how to crack PI and they never practice stuff. Practice , practice and practice.  If you have group of like minded friends, you can have a mock group discussion where you can learn from each other through giving and receiving feedback

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