14 Jul 2014

A little note for all my new students

Hey guys,

Firstly I just want to apologize for the late reply. I completely understand how important it is to start your study plan as soon as possible and I am really sorry for this but we have been adding new material and making new easy to use study plans for busy students and working professionals that has been our priority lately.

We have added a lot of great new materials, study plans and new CAT info guides which includes everything from registration to what to carry with you and many other tips that you need specially because you are not attending any coaching classes.

I just want to take this opportunity to inform you that the reason I started preparing this study material was to help students who cannot afford coaching classes so for that reason I have included every possible book available I have scanned every page and converted them into ebooks  and added study material from top coaching classes so please do not mis use the material. If you have already joined classes and are least bothered about studies  or just buying it to distribute it to your friends please do not purchase the guide.

You can find detailed description of the study material on the website at 
www.divijcatpreparationresource.com. It's available for the most affordable price possible of only 650rs and includes every single thing you need for your preparation.it can be purchased on eBay.the material is sent online within one day of purchase. If the link doesn't open please type it on google search  and try it.

Am sorry for those of you who thought if would be free but the cost of buying books, scanning them, making ebooks ,buying study material from top coachings and converting them to PDFs plus creating question papers ,the cost of acquiring solved papers and creating easy to understand study material is a lot and am trying my best to make sure it's affordable for every student out there.

Please email me if you have any questions and I apologize if my response is delayed  but I promise to try my best to reply ASAP.

All the best 

Have a great day!

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