18 Jul 2014

CAT Analysis: Last 3 year trends

CAT Analysis: Last 3 year trends

 comprehensive CAT analysis in this article, highlighting the trend of last 3 years. Since there are variations in distribution of topics across slots, we have taken the average distribution into consideration in this analysis. Variation in most of the slots will not be of more than +/- 1, per what we have put forth in this analysis

CAT Analysis: Trends for distribution and difficulty level

Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

Following graph shows the distribution of questions across different topics in this section for the year 2013, 2012 and 2011.
quant break
Algebra and Geometry have dominated this section across the years, with relatively less representation of topics like Permutation Combination, Probability and Arithmetic. Within Geometry, Circles dominate the number of questions.
Generally, we have observed that candidates spend a lot of time on Number System, and towards the end of the preparation spend lot of time on topics like PnC and Probability. This leads to relatively lesser focus on topics like Algebra and Geometry, which are much more important from CAT perspective as compared to the importance of topics from Modern Maths and PnC.
Difficulty level for Algebra and Geometry varies on an average from moderate to difficult across slots, while that of Data Interpretation and Arithmetic varies from easy to moderate across slots. Questions from Number Systems are generally of moderate difficulty level across slots.
Seeing the trends, if a candidate focuses merely on Algebra, Geometry and Number System and gets a good hold on these topics, scoring a 99 plus score is not tough in this section.

Section 2: Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

Following graph shows the distribution of questions across different topics in this section for the year 2013, 2012 and 2011.
verbal break
Reading Comprehension has consistently dominated this section. There are 3 sets of RCs which come in the section; with on an average 1 set being difficult, while rest two being of easy to moderate difficulty level.
We have observed candidates focusing immensely on Vocabulary building, learning meanings, synonyms etc. but miss out at practicing topics like ParaJumbles and Para Completions to a good extent; despite the fact that ParaJumbles and Para Completions are second in the domination of the section after Reading Comprehension. Logical Reasoning comprises of 3 sets yet again in the section, with difficulty level of two sets being easy to moderate while  third set being slightly difficult.
Difficulty level of ParaJumbles and Para Completions is moderate on an average across the slots, while that of Sentence Correction being easy to moderate on an average across slots. Word Usage / Grammar and Fill in the Blanks are again of moderate difficulty level on an average.

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