23 Jul 2014

CAT - Interview with Siva Surya Teja

his exam preparation strategy. Here's what he had to say:

1. How many times have you attempted CAT and when did you start your preparations?

I have attempted CAT 4 times and used to start the preparation 3 months before, writing different mock tests at home.

2. Which was your strongest and weakest section and how did you prepare for it?

Quant is always my strongest section and I tried to maximize my attempts with cent percent accuracy for top score. Verbal is my weak point, so I tried to concentrate on specific sections in VA where I am comfortable like Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. And tried to reduce my mistakes from mock to mock.

3. If you were a working professional, how did you manage your time?

As I schedule most of my mock tests on weekends, I have never felt the time crunch. However, I took leave one week before my actual exam and revised my early mistakes again.

4. In brief, tell us about your experience on the exam day. Also describe the question selection strategy that you followed.

I went into the exam center with peace of mind, fully confident of my preparation for the exam. This helped me a lot in the exam as I felt no pressure. While selecting questions, I read each question carefully and assessed the rough time needed to solve the question. If it seemed to be taking more than 3 minutes, I skipped and went to the next one. This way I solved maximum questions in less time and was left with more time to solve less questions.

5. Did you receive calls from IIMs? if yes, how many did you receive and what will be your selection strategy in choosing  'The IIM' from all the calls?

I received IIM calls from all of the IIMs. My preference is IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C and FMS Delhi in the same order.

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