18 Jul 2014

Insider Secrets to crack CAT Quant

Insider Secrets to crack CAT Quant in Smarter Way
By Sukrut 
  insider secrets to crack quant in smarter way
We are going to learn some smart techniques which will help you an incredible edge over other aspirants in tackling Quantitative Aptitude.

I am going to reveal 5 smarter techniques you can use right now to increase your percentile by atleast  10-15 right now.

The percentile game is actually different from what you think. Test series won’t prepare you for this game because in actual CAT , your percentile can be radically different from someone who actually solved same no of questions correctly, because in CAT, for every question , there is difference weightage given for every question.

So get over the concept of more percentile if you solve more questions correctly.

The secret lies in choice of questions.

So the best strategies are to tackle difficult problems in a cool and smart way and score your way to the top.

When you come across a problem which is solved using a formula which is not included in any book, consistently make a note of it ( if possible try out how that formula was derived, that will help you to solve similar problems even if they twist the problem).
Also when you analyze your mock tests, keep a separate notebook for maintaining such formulas, it will help you in the long term and it also can be used for revision purposes.
Make a note of all such uncommon formulas and use them consciously while you practice mocks.
If there is a problem, where there is a tedious calculation involved, then instead of solving that particular problem and you can easily eliminate some of the options easily.
a) If you can easily eliminate 3 options, your job is cakewalk.
b) If you can eliminate only 2 options, then simplify the problem a little bit and then again try to eliminate one of the options.
It may happen that , you have to solve the problem completely in some cases but don’t  be discouraged though. If you sense that in the early stage, then move on to next problem and come back to that problem later.
If you are tackling a problem which consists of series of 2/3 questions, then don’t make mistake of solving questions in a linear fashion.
Read all the questions first, read all the options. Sometimes you might get across some information in 2nd or 3rd question which you can use in 1st problem or even if you can’t, you can always find out what answers are required and you can save a lot of your time by not wasting it on finding out something which is not required.
When there is a problem which asks you whichever of the following satisfies the criteria of the conditions given in the problem, then always start checking from last option. Most of the times, 3rd or 4th option is the right answer. This is not a thumb rule though but it can be a good strategy to tackle such problems.
The answer is given generally in the last part so they want you to purposely waste your time in wrong options.
When you see options as “either of these” for any problem, what you need to check is those two options mentioned in either of these and many if not the most of the times, that’s the answer. You don’t need to check the other option remaining because if you check both of those options, eventually, you are going to get the same answer because even if all other options are not right mentioned in either of these, remaining option is the answer

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